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Cast & Crew

Michael Lombardi is JOHN BISHOP:
FX networks Rescue Me, is John Bishop, a charismatic church pastor and well-loved man of his picturesque small town. As a devoted single father, he has a loving relationship with his two daughters, Rebecca and Sarah.  A man of compassion and faith, John Bishop is led into a horrific, twisted underworld where his moral compass is tested in ways he couldn't have imagined.

Marc Menchaca is JED SAWYER:
OZARK's Marc Menchaca is Jed Sawyer, a tenacious local police detective. As Jed seeks justice for John Bishop, disturbing secrets from Jed's dark past lead to unspeakable, hellish consequences.

Joseph Gatt is RAM KADY:
GAME OF THRONES' Joseph Gatt is Ram Kady, more of a cold-as-ice entity than he is human. He is a member of a drug-running biker gang and brother of the motorcycle club's VP, Vic Kady. After committing a heinous act of brutality, Ram awakens to find himself trapped in an unearthly nightmare. 

Katie Kelly is SARAH BISHOP:
Katie Kelly is Sarah Bishop, a bright 17-years-old and the eldest daughter of John Bishop. After begging to go to a late-night party, a cruel twist of fate lands Sarah at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jacoby Shaddix is QUINN BRADY:
Lead singer of Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix is Quinn Brady, a despicable convict who gets released from prison and goes after the cop who took him down. This unleashes a grisly chain of events.

Ivan Moody is VIC KADY:
Lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody is Vic Kady, the VP of a gun-running motorcycle club who will stop at nothing to find his missing brother, Ram.

Zoltan Bathory is FANG:
Five Finger Death Punch's Zoltan Bathory is Fang, the Sergeant at Arms in Vic Kady’s biker gang. Fang leads the mission to find Vic's missing brother.

Chris Kael is DECKER:
Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael is Decker, the Enforcer in Vic’s biker gang. Decker is Vic's muscle while searching for the missing Ram Kady.

Abbey Hafer is REBECCA BISHOP:
Abbey Hafer is Rebecca Bishop, Sarah's precocious little sister who is traumatized after a horrific tragedy. She continues to worry as she watches her dad devolve to a dark side she’s never seen before. 

Robert Knepper is OTTO:
The Hunger Games' Robert Knepper is Otto, the intimidating President of a violent motorcycle club, hell-bent on finding Ram Kady.

Robert John Burke is CAPTAIN BRIGGS:
Thinner's Robert John Burke is Captain Briggs, Jed Sawyer’s gregarious police captain. 

Tommy Lee is STRIP CLUB DJ:
Motley Crue's Tommy Lee is the house DJ in the strip club  owned by Vic's dangerous biker gang. 

Rachel Hilbert is SOFIE:
Rachel Hilbert is Sofie, a passenger on a road trip with her best friend, Erica. After becoming stranded on a desolate back road, she makes a terrifying discovery. 

Eva Marie is ERICA:
Lead singer of Eva Under Fire's Eva Marie is Erica, the driver on a road trip with her best friend, Sofie. After their car breaks down, Eva stumbles across a horrific finding.

Spencer Charnas is MAX:
Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas is Max, the drugged-out manager of a brothel. Max is a member of Vic's rival biker gang that runs an underground den of depravity.

Clerks' Brian O'Halloran is a bully who confronts John Bishop in front of his daughters. He puts Bishop's "turn the other cheek" credo to the test.

Doc Coyle is JOEY:
Bad Wolves' Doc Coyle is JOEY. He shares in a grief support group with Sarah Bishop.

All Good Things' Dan Murphy and Miles Franco are Stoner Gas Station Attendants that have a clue that leads Detective Jed Sawyer in the right direction.

All Good Things' Dan Murphy and Miles Franco are Stoner Gas Station Attendants that have a clue that leads Detective Jed Sawyer in the right direction.

Cory Marks is JIMMY:
Singer Cory Marks is Jimmy, a member of Vic's motorcycle club that runs the dive bar/biker-gang meeting place.